Immerse yourself in a community of dreamers & doers.

Whether you’re new to the Boss Babe Imperial (BBI) community or you’re a full-fledged member, Boss Babe Imperial is a great way to get stuck in and immerse yourself in a growing community of dreamers and doers.

From startups to side hustlers, content creators to business owners. If you’re someone who wants to start something of your own for yourself, improve in some way or another or just want to meet with other positive and uplifting women, BBI is open to everyone and is a supportive community to help you achieve your goals.



Run by two passionate boss babes who had the vision to create the ideal space for women entrepreneurs and business professionals alike. Together, these women curated a tight-knit community aimed to inspire other women just like them with limitless possibilities, learning & growth.

Boss Babe Imperial
Photo taken by Namae Studios


Friends since childhood, Fifa & Vimy have been close friends for years.

It all started in Fall 2018 when they both decided they wanted to start a project together, one that didn’t require much upfront capital. For years, they’ve always helped each other grow and get through difficult times and it was only until recently that they both began to pursue an interest in personal development.

Though both women were at two entirely different stages in their life, they still managed to stick together and maintain a tight-knit friendship regardless.

From then on, Boss Babe Imperial was born — an experiment manifested from their own personal development journeys brought together into one, showcasing two opposite ends of the spectrum and used as inspiration to empower other women to pave their own way.

One thing both women realized is that doing anything alone is never fun. They realized the importance of having a tribe of like-minded people or a place of go-to resources people can refer to if ever they needed help. As a result, creating a space dedicated to inspiring,  motivating and providing the courage for other women to grow and step out became a passion of theirs.

Fifa Tran

Web designer, brand stylist & entrepreneur

Fifa Tran is an entrepreneur looking to empower other aspiring women to explore their untapped potential, unleash their inner superpower, and help them make an income while making an impact.

Corporate escapee turned web designer and brand strategist. Fifa builds minimal & modern websites for creative girl bosses, helping them elevate their brand so they can confidently charge their worth and book more calls with their dream clients.

Fifa got laid off from her corporate job in 2019 which led her to embark on a new journey in the pursuit of her dream to become her own boss. She is now growing her design business full-time while running Boss Babe Imperial on the side.


“Always believe in yourself and just do it. Don’t run with the masses and do what YOU think is right. Developing a strong mindset is key. That being said, make sure you are always learning, feeding your curiosity, experimenting and taking risks. Every. Single. Day. Because I truly believe that doing so is the recipe for bringing forth self-fulfillment, happiness and joy into your life. Simply step out, be you & don’t ever forget to love yourself during the process.”

Vimy Tran-Nguyen

Community growth strategist & account manager

Vimy Tran-Nguyen is passionate about helping business leaders adopt strategic management solutions to make their business and workforce healthier and more productive. Because it is not just about helping a business be more profitable but it’s individual. 
At Thomson Reuters, she provides firms with a comprehensive suite of integrated software & services they need to run their business and collaborate with their clients. 
Being empowered to shape her career path, a strong believer in continual growth & to keep expanding her skills has led her to become the Co-Founder of Boss Babe Imperial; Building something that she wanted to be a part of; A place where people can create their own opportunities. 
All the while being a badass mom to her little human Quinny, she strongly believes in inspiring others to let their mind run wild along with their heart & soul. To awaken the adventure and passion in others. 


“Because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something. And if you find that moment, it lasts forever.”

Nancy Pham

Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur & Videographer

Nancy is passionate about moving forward in life and experiencing her ambition to the fullest before it is too late. Yes, we have the potential to have many years in front of us to accomplish all that we want to (and wow, her bucket list is extremely long!) But at the same time, why wait and postpone these ambitious accomplishments to later? She highly believes there is a great balance in living her dreams every day, while planning for even bigger dreams for later on. Who knows? You might see her going paragliding over the nice sceneries of Portugal, or organizing an ecological language immersion trip.
On top of her unique sense of humour, Nancy is a great asset in the BBI team with her great marketing and communication skills. As well, an organized team player that can plan how things are going to happen is always needed! (We hope you can find your own Nancy for your business too!)


“Don’t be afraid to go against the flow. At the same time, don’t just go against the flow just for the sake of it. Have faith in your guts, in your decisions, and back yourself up. Don’t forget, going forward into something without any rational or data might be also considered foolish 😉 But I believe that you have it in you to make your business bloom beautifully, and I can’t wait to witness it!”