Featured Speaker Program

Do you want to give a 25-min presentation in one of our bi-weekly networking calls? Check out our Featured Speaker Program!


Your Friday Mood will get on a new level with us!

Are you looking to end the week with a high-vibe networking session with positive hype women? You asked for networking, here it is!

Join us in a fun 1-hour call where you can exchange thoughts, ideas, learnings with fellow female entrepreneurs, and be inspired as well!

Why Networking?

Learn from one another, find new potential partners and find new avenues to reach your potential clients.

We’ve been inspired to start these networking calls to help you reap the benefits of making new connections on a weekly basis. As well, isn’t it better to have fellow entrepreneurs to socialize with?

If you're interested in growing your business, networking the right way is the fastest way to do it.

Note: These networking calls are NOT to sell to one another. It’s to build and foster real connections, make new friends, and see how we can all support one another.


The Concept

Twice a month, we organize a 1-hour virtual networking call on Zoom where we invite female entrepreneurs to connect and chat about various topics.

These topics revolve around anything that would help entrepreneurs level up their business. These include marketing, mindset, finance, and many more!

The cost? Based on your donations!

If you find value in our meetings and would like to contribute a donation to support us, you may do so here. You can simply “buy us a coffee” in increments of $5.


Grab the Mic in our Featured Speaker Program

Every month, we swap the breakout rooms discussions to leave the floor to a Featured Speaker from the BBI community. For 25 minutes, that BBI member will have the spotlight to share and teach the call attendees about a topic of their choice.

Nothing fancy. No need for a presentation deck - although you can totally prepare one. It can be like a workshop where you guide people through activities, a discussion, or a masterclass.

Feel free to come up with the method that best suits you!

Boss Babe Imperial Montreal female entrepreneurs

What's in it for you?

As a Featured Speaker, it’s a great way to gain visibility among fellow entrepreneurs and showcase your value to others!

This is also a very good public speaking practice. And don’t worry if you’re not - yet - the best public speaker as our community is very tightly knit and supportive. We’ll be even more excited to see you gain confidence.

As an attendee, you get to learn from different people in different industries with different expertise. And new learnings = growth 😊

Apply to be our next special guest speaker

Simply fill out the form below to show your interest and what you can offer as a Featured Speaker. Should you be selected, we will reach out to you for the next steps.

The more women are properly portrayed in the media, the more we will rise above any self-limiting beliefs and take on leadership roles.