Stay accountable with our monthly work jam, networking & strategy sessions. Meet up with other local boss babes like you to set goals, power work using the Pomodoro method, strategize & network!

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Meet other like-minded women entrepreneurs

The best place to gain inspiration, kick start your own entrepreneurial journey and connect with high-vibe female entrepreneurs all while being productive and staying accountable to your goals!

Network with other local Montreal boss babes like yourself in a small, intimate group setting.

Goal-setting followed by intense, concentrated focus

Every work session starts off with brief round-table introductions followed by verbally announcing goals & objectives you want to accomplish by the end of the work jam.

We use the Pomodoro method; two intense 50-min periods of non-stop concentrated focus with two 10-min breaks in between.

Discussion, brainstorming & genuine connections

The highlight of our jams has to be when we end the session with one hour of discussion! During this period we:

  • Initiate a round-table follow-up of everyone’s goals progress
  • Engage in more networking to build on valuable & authentic connections
  • Generate new leads & build more exposure for your business
  • Foster creativity through brainstorming new ideas & insights
  • Find ways to help you overcome your current challenges & obstacles
  • Provide feedback for your idea or project(s)

The perfect setting for Introverts

Are you the shy type? Then this event is perfect for you! The ideal seated setting in a room with no more than 10 people for introverts to breed comfortable interactions and open up to join discussions.


What people say?

The discussion for the last hour was structured really well and you guys did a great job of keeping us on topic and asking a new question to bring us back when the conversation started straying.

I had a great time and you guys are doing an AMAZING job with the workjams! I got booked on a gig at the F1 that weekend that was going to pay a lotttttt of money (that I desperately needed lol) but I turned it down because I didn't want to miss the workjam - that's how great they are 😉 Keep it up!
- Tami H.
Ceo & Founder Miss Wordie
Your event yesterday was sooo much fun. I was honestly super scared to go and attend because I had so many expectations. Those expectations were actually met and I am so grateful for that.
- Anonymous Boss Babe
I just wanted to say thank you for organizing these events! I think you both have done an excellent job, and I'm always impressed at how you manage to remember everything that was discussed, and the tips and tools that were recommended, etc. I know you're taking notes, but I don't see you typing relentlessly while people are talking, so I was pretty impressed both last time and this time to see such a comprehensive list of all that was discussed. As a complete introvert, I am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with these events every time, and it's nice that some of the same people are coming again, as we start to get to know each other better, and can start to build relationships, etc.
- Marie M.
CEO & FOUNDER MMD Consulting